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Old version of this kind of document, with more detailed instructions can be found here.

This article contains explanations on how to build your own Squeak VM.


Quick install

You need Gtk+ 2.12 and WebKit, once you've installed these libraries you

can install the SqueakVM you need a Squeak VM with the callback support,

so I've decided to patch the VM for you squeakGTK-3.10-1.tar.bz2.

With Monticello load vmmaker, also add this entry in the Monticello :



and load the last squeakGtk release.



After launch vmmaker and add the gtk plugin as an external plugin and click on the entire button. On the console do a :

  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install




GtkPlugin has been tested successfully on Slackware Linux with Gtk 2.8 and Squeak 3.9, so i would recommend to use the above tools.




Download MC version and platform files from this page


Setup the VM


Untar downloaded platform files on top of the Squeak 3.9 VM, and you should have the following tree:

`-- platforms

-- Cross

`-- plugins

`-- GtkPlugin

`-- GtkPlugin.h

`-- unix

-- config

`-- make.cfg.in

`-- plugins

`-- GtkPlugin

-- Makefile.inc

-- acinclude.m4

`-- sqUnixGtkPrims.c


Load with Monticello


Once you downloaded and unzipped the package, you should find a .mcz file, then follow this steps:

  • Open File Browser
  • Select the .mcz file
  • Click on the "Load" button


Generate the plugin


After loading the Monticello package, you should be able to generate the plugin through VMMaker:


  • Open VMMaker
  • Drag GtkPlugin from the left side to the external plugins side
  • Click on "Generate external" button


Install the plugin


Once you have already installed Squeak 3.9 VM, you can now install the plugin by following these steps:


  • cd platforms/unix/config
  • make
  • cd ../bld
  • ../config/configure
  • make install-plugins


Test it


Open a Workspace and a Transcript then doIt:

GtkComboBoxTest start


After closing the window doIt:

Gtk mainQuit

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