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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago


A visible column in a GtkTreeView widget.


GtkTreeViewColumn new: 'Title' cell: GtkCellRendererText new attributes: {'text'->0}


GtkTreeViewColumn new: 'Title' text: 0



GtkTreeViewColumn class


Creates a plain GtkTreeViewColumn without any attribute


new: aString

Creates a GtkTreeViewColumn with the given column title, without any attribute


new: aString cell: aGtkCellRenderer attributes: aDictionary

Creates a GtkTreeViewColumn with the given column title. Also packStart the cell renderer and set to it the given attributes


new: aString text: anInteger

Convenience method to create a column with a GtkCellRendererText set on the given column index.

Same as:

GtkTreeViewColumn new: aString cell: GtkCellRendererText new attributes: {'text'->anInteger}



uses: GtkCellLayout
subclasses: GtkObject -> GObject

addAttributes: aDictionary on: aGtkCellRenderer

Add the given attributes (anAttributeName->aColumn) to the cell renderer


title: aString

Set the column title

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