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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 10 months ago


The website is no more used go to the new website http://www.squeakgtk.org/


GtkPlugin for Squeak Smalltalk


Welcome to the homepage of SqueakGtk.

SqueakGtk is an attempt to port Gtk+ GUI in Squeak Smalltalk.

Visit the FAQ page for more informations about this project.


Follow this guide to install GtkPlugin on Unix.


Please contact us for any problem, suggestion or critique.


Latest MC version 69 is downloadable here and platform files here


Latest News

at: 24 july 08 put: Restarting activity**

Here are some news of the SqueakGtk project :


I've extended the Gtk support with new widgets :



I've corrected a bug with the memory management, it seems that Gtk doesn't like

g_object_unref when there is a parent widget. The support of Gtk

is more stable but there are others problems in the events handling

this is an active waiting so it uses a lot of cpu times, an other problem

is when the user save the image a "Gtk" object in Squeak only contains

a pointer in a C structure and I need to save and restore this structure.


I'm working on the Omnibrowser support and in the improvement of the

new tools :p


at: 02 may 07 put: Restarting activity


after many months of inactivity, i'm going to restart working on SqueakGtk.

For anyone who wants to give a contribute, please contact me.




at: 23/09/06 put: Temporarly inactive

The project is currently inactive due to my health problems, here's why: http://lethalman.blogspot.com/2006/09/health-problems.html.


Hope i can be as active as before very soon. Bye.


at: 27/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 69
  • Cleaned up squeak side GCallbacks
  • Removed various object registry for caching
  • Added GObjectInterface as a concrete handler for GTypeInterface with relative GType/GValue support
  • Refactored and improved halos
  • Various fixes


at: 24/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 68
  • Changed GType behavior for fundamental types
  • Added GObjectClass
  • Added GParamSpec types, flags and conversions with relative GType and GValue support
  • Added GClosure
  • Refactored and cleaned up signal handling
  • Refactored GtkInspector


Added a new screenshot.


at: 22/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 67


at: 20/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 66


at: 19/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 64 and 65


at: 14/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 63


at: 10/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 62
  • Fixed callback processing with new UNIX platform files
  • Callback functions moved from platform files to plugin
  • Added GtkDemoEditingDnD


Also added a new screenshot with the new enhancements.


at: 09/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 61


at: 07/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 60


at: 06/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 59


at: 04/08/06 put: Gtk rev. 58

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