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What is Smalltalk Squeak?

Smalltalk Squeak is the most known open source implementation of the Smalltalk language.


What is Gtk?

Gtk are a powerful, lightweight and multiplatform GUI Toolkit.


What is SqueakGtk?

This project aims to create a Gtk wrapper for Smalltalk Squeak.

Actually, wxSqueak is the unique and therefore the most important GUI Toolkit port for Squeak.


Why another GUI toolkit?

wxSqueak is a great and complete project, but wxWidgets itself is different from Gtk.

On the other hand, Squeak has its own graphics called Morphic, which GUI applications are unfortunately not really enduser-friendly.


Are there some screenshots?

Yes, you can find them in the ScreenShots page.


Is SqueakGtk able to run old-morphic application in a "compatibility" mode?

Really not, or not now at least. Our purpose right now is to complete all the Gtk+ API and offer an efficient and stable wrapper. In the future, we could think of a similar idea.

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