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If you wish to make changes to both platform files and Squeak code, please send us any changeset or bug report and we'll accomplish your request for the benefits of the project.


If you ever want to wrap Gtk+ functions, take a look at the GtkPrimGenerator class, which auto generates primitives from headers. Here's an example:


header _ 'GtkEntry* gtk_entry_new (void);'.

(GtkPrimGenerator fromHeader: header) install


Then you'll find #primitiveGtkEntryNew: in GtkPlugin and #primGtkEntryNew: in GtkEntry.

For multiple headers:


headers _ '....;.......;......;'.

(GtkPrimGenerator fromMultipleHeaders: headers) do: [ :ea | ea install ]


NB: for multiple headers, no matter if there are spaces, tabs or new lines in the declarations, the most important thing is that only at the end of the headers there are no spaces.


Thanks for ANY contribute you'll send us :)

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